Coffee & Scone – €3.50
Porridge & Coffee /Orange Juice – €3
Sandwich of The Week & Coffee – €5

Add Soup to a Salad or Sandwich – €2 
10% student discount
Wicked Wednesday – Free Coffee with Any Sandwich


Porridge & OJ – €3

Porridge & freshly squeezed orange juice

The Moodie Foodie – €5 

Fried egg, sausage and crispy bacon with Ballymaloe relish on a toasted ciabatta

Protein Oat Pancake (GF) – €6

Choice of 2 toppings (Agave, Almond, Butter, Bacon, 
Banana or Blueberries)

Dr Seuss (V) – €4.80   (+70c Chorizo)

Smashed avocado, salt and pepper with two fried eggs on toasted buttered nutty loaf

Don’t Go Bacon My Heart – €4

Crispy bacon on your choice of bread

Spice Girls – €4 

Two fried eggs on toast with chilli mayo and Ballymaloe relish

The Game Changer - €6.20

Two fried eggs, with smashed avocado, tahini,

cherry tomatos, crumbled feta and toasted pumpkin

seeds on a slice of toasted walnut bread




Chorizo and Avocado – €4.50
Smoked Salmon and Chives – €4.50
Chicken, Cheddar, Scallions and
Roasted Peppers – €5
Sausage and Bacon – €4

Frank’s Hot Chicken, Peppers and Onion – €4.50
Salami, Swiss Cheese, Jalapenos and Onion – €5
Get Creative: Make your own combo! – €3.50


Sunshine Super Food Salad – €6.95

Chicken with mango, chilli, toasted almonds and lime quinoa, mixed leaves,a drizzle of olive oil and a squeeze of lime

The Gym Buddy – €6.95

Salad Tuna, chickpeas, red onion, tomato, olives, a boiled egg, with mixed leaves and lemon dressing

Holy Guaca-Moley – €5.90   (+70c Fried Egg)

 Grilled chicken with melted Swiss cheese, grilled onion and pepper mix, red cabbage slaw, guacamole and iceberg lettuce 

Goats Cheese Salad – €6    (+95c Chicken)

Goats cheese, roasted vegetables, semi-sun-dried tomatoes, scallions and toasted pine nuts, with mixed leaves and a balsamic dressing

The Yum Salad - €6.95 (+70c Fried Egg)

Grilled Chicken, crispy chorizo, avocado and goats cheese, served

on a bed of rocket, with a balsamic reduction



Try us as a salad/wrap or on GF bread




Getting Figgy With It – €5.90

Crispy bacon, melted Gruyere cheese, rocket with fig conserve, on a toasted ciabatta

Fo’ Shizzle – €5.20

Salami, hummus, sweet & spicy bell peppers and mixed leaves, on toasted walnut bread

Hamazing – €5.70

Honey roasted ham, melted goats cheese, caramelised onions, mixed leaves and Dijon mustard, on a toasted ciabatta

The Pork Star – €5.70

BBQ pulled pork, melted Swiss cheese and Foodie’s slaw, on a toasted ciabatta





The Will – €5.50

Foodie’s coronation chicken, Swiss cheese, cucumber and lettuce, on a toasted walnut bread

Juan in a Million – €5.90

Chicken, chorizo, avocado, mixed leaves and a squeeze of lime, on a toasted ciabatta

Motha’clucker – €5.70

Lime basil chicken, semi sun-dried tomatoes, Swiss cheese and Foodie’s slaw, on a brown soft roll

Smokin’ Joe – €5.70

Smoked chicken, Foodie’s sweet and spicy bell pepper pesto, melted mozerella and rocket, on a toasted roll


The Rudie Foodie – €5.70

Chicken, bacon, melted cheddar cheese, Ballymaloe relish, chilli mayo, lettuce and tomato, on a toasted ciabatta

The Foodie Club – €6.25    (+25c Fried Egg)

Chicken, bacon, melted cheddar cheese lettuce and tomato on three slices of brown or white toast with garlic or chilli mayo

In a Pickle – €5.50

Pastrami, Swiss cheese, pickle, Dijon mustard and lettuce, on a nutty loaf

The Tina Tuna – €5.50

Tuna salad mix, with basil, red onion and olives finely chopped, a squeeze of lemon and a drizzle of olive oil, served on a ciabatta


The Hipster – €5.90

Foodie’s homemade chickpea veggie burger, served with avocado, grilled pineapple, rocket and a spiced lime dressing, on a toasted bun 


The Veggie-Table – €5.20

Roasted mixed veggies, with pesto and melted mozzarella, on a toasted ciabatta 

Just F’lafs – €5.00

Falafel, hummus, tomato, red cabbage slaw and lettuce on a wrap 


Wild Card – €3.50+

Make your own salad / sandwich. If we have it, you can make it


Protein shakes €4

Build me up butter cup

chocolate protein, peanut butter and a banana

No coffee no workee

 chocolate protein, a banana and a shot of espresso made with milk

The Berry best

vanilla protein, mixed berries, freshly squeezed OJ and a banana

The Incredible Hulk 

Vanilla protein, matcha green tea, hand full of spinach,and a banana

*all shakes can be made with your choice of milk, almond or soy milk, or H2o


Coffee&teas 8oz/12oz 16oz

Americano – €2.20 / €2.70
Flat white – €2.40 / €2.90
Cappucino – €2.40 / €2.90
Latte – €2.40 / €2.90
Mocha – €2.40 / €2.90
Nutella latte – €3.00 / €3.50
Matcha latte – €3.00 / €3.50

Chai latte – €2.40 / €2.90
Hot chocolate – €2.40 / €2.90
Tea – €1.80 any size
Herbal teas – €2 any size  
Flavoured syrup – 30c
Soya milk and almond milk available