Try us as a salad/wrap or on GF bread




Getting Figgy With It – €5.90

Crispy bacon, melted Gruyere cheese, rocket with fig conserve, on a toasted ciabatta

Fo’ Shizzle – €5.20

Salami, hummus, sweet & spicy bell peppers and mixed leaves, on toasted walnut bread

Hamazing – €5.90

Honey roasted ham, melted goats cheese, caramelised onions, mixed leaves and Dijon mustard, on a toasted ciabatta

The Pork Star – €5.90

BBQ pulled pork, melted Swiss cheese and Foodie’s slaw, on a toasted ciabatta





The Will – €5.90

Foodie’s coronation chicken, Swiss cheese, cucumber and lettuce, on a toasted walnut bread

Juan in a Million – €5.90

Chicken, chorizo, avocado, mixed leaves and a squeeze of lime, on a toasted ciabatta

Motha’clucker – €5.90

Lime basil chicken, semi sun-dried tomatoes, Swiss cheese and Foodie’s slaw, on a brown soft roll

Smokin’ Joe – €5.90

Smoked chicken, Foodie’s sweet and spicy bell pepper pesto, melted mozerella and rocket, on a toasted roll